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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

oh my goodness.... i can't believe i'm really done with the semester now.
The last thing i had to do was make a 2d game for my computer graphics class
(thanks to my comp partner Jeff Segars for helping turn this game into a reality).

Warning: may cause epileptic seizures
Click here to download!! (334 Kb)

Just choose "save as...", save it, then unzip it into a folder on your computer and run flatturtle.exe.
Note: I noticed that on my brother's computer this game runs crazy fast...i didn't realize my brother's graphics card was that much better than mine.
(warning: contains extreme graphic violence and causes epileptic seizures...haha, just kidding.......or AM I ?????)
Click here to view the README file

Maybe someday i'll fix all the bugs and add more options to this game but for now, email ruy@rice.edu if you have any problems, questions or concerns, like installing the game, removing the game, whether any turtles were actually hurt during the making of this game, or how bad the comp360 final was..

oh by the way, i found some And1 t-shirts from China...
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