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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Spicy Burrito - Ted, Daniel, Tiffany
Deeper - Reuben

Are you feeling down? Try this--it always cheers me up: click on beef and move the mouse over different parts of the cow but don't click anything...and listening to the mooing (hopefully it will work on your browser)!!! hee hee hee, i could do that for days...

Friday, April 18, 2003

Okay, so my real website is back up. In case you didn't know, for the past week I've been playing the assassination game.

This is how it works: everyone who signs up gets a card with a name on it, and you have to shoot that person with a water gun. Then you get that person's target and so on until the game ends or until you get shot. I put up a fake website over the past week to avoid my assassin.

I just got shot tonight at the Coffee House (I should've known better than to attend such a high-profile event) but not before getting 12 kills. It was fun while it lasted, hiding, shooting random people, stalking people, being super paranoid all the time, running around with stocking over your face...ahh, good times.

Monday, April 07, 2003

So everyone always writes personal things in their web journals and as I looked over my entries I noticed I'm sorely lacking in the area of divulging my personal secrets and innermost feelings. So now in order to conform to internet standards I must make myself vulnerable and totally explose myself for all the world wide web to see. Anyway, here goes...

Why are there always holes in my socks? I don't understand it. I could buy a new pair and in a few weeks there'll be holes in them. Usually, to avoid embarassment, I try to keep around a pair of socks without holes in them and use those when I know I'll be at a place where I need to take off my shoes. However, now virtually ALL of my socks have holes in them. Some are tiny, but some are GINORMOUS. I guess it's not really that embarassing... I mean, the worst that could happen is people might think I'm poor, and hey, what's wrong with being poor? Most of the world's population is poor so what's the problem with having holes in your socks?
Anyway, I'm not completely sure why I have holes in all my socks but I have this theory that I walk funny or in such a way that causes enourmous tension at the sock seams right at the heel. I also wear shoes that are a little too loose so my feet slide around in my shoes whenever I move. Over time this tension tears the sock and is aggravated even more when I play basketball or tennis, because those sports involve lots of quick start and stop running motions, and eventually the holes get larger and larger. Either that or leprecons come into my room at night and chew the seams off my socks... Grrrr..stupid leprecons........I'll deal with those murderous trolls... Ooops, I mean.... I'll deal with those murderous trolls....

Thursday, April 03, 2003

This is how I feel today

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I wonder what prospective employers think of me when they see this site? HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH...hee hee, oh my.. they must think i'm awesome. hmmm, I wonder why I haven't gotten any job offers yet? It boggles the mind....anyhoo, on with the crazy blog entry...

I watched my second Rice baseball game today...apparently we're really good or something. Anyway, after we started putting the good 'ol nerd smackdown on UH we got bored and started talking about how awesome baseball is because there are so many possibilities and things that can happen that the imagination runs wild. Think about it, the batter can charge the mound and attack the pitcher. The pitcher can charge and attack the batter. Someone on first base could charge the pitcher for trying to throw him out. The fans could attack baseball players at any moment. The ball boys could charge the mound and attack the pitcher. The batter can attack the second base umpire. The batter can turn around and charge the catcher. The batter can run into the dugout and try to fight off 10 guys by himself. Teammates can attack each other. The coach can attack the batter. The possibilities are endless!!

Isn't baseball great? Well, it could be better, so...

Here are some ideas to revitalize the game of baseball:

1. Allow the runners to run anywhere on the field, not just along the baselines. This will make the game more exciting (like tag) because the players will be running everywhere. Maybe there should be an optional base in the outfield or something.
2. Stop giving out t-shirts with sleeves that only reach to the your mid-forearm. That just looks stupid.
3. Give everyone in the outfield a bat.
4. Give the batter a mace instead of a bat.
5. No walking batters on purpose. No one wants to see that crap.
6. Give glowsticks to all the fans. And turn out the lights and play techno music. Awww yeahh...

Do you have any ideas about baseball?? Leave a comment or email me